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Resources for HPs

ASCIA Resources for Health Professionals include Guidelines, Position Papers/Statements, Action Plans, Treatment Plans, Management Plans, Checklists and e-training courses.

ASCIA Action, First Aid, Management, Transfer, Travel and Treatment Plans provide concise guides for patients and carers to follow at home, in medical facilities, in the community (school, children's education care services, other institutions) and in workplaces.

Links to external HP resources includes links to allergy and immunology information that has been developed by other organisations or groups.

ASCIA Fast Facts provide for concise information about allergy and other immune diseases for patients and carers. Updated 2023.

ASCIA Quicklinks include QR codes that link to ASCIA website information, to improve access and reduce the need for printing.

ASCIA Information for Patients and Carers provides more detailed information on more than 140 topics.

For information about how ASCIA information is developed go to

Webpage updated April 2024