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Meetings for ASCIA Trainee Members

ASCIA Associate Trainee online video meetings

TAILS (Trainees In Allergy and Immunology Lecture Series)

TAILS is an online problem based learning education series held approximately every two months, which aims to bring together clinical immunology/allergy consultants and trainees from across Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

TAILS  is co-chaired by the Trainee representatives on ASCIA Council, Dr Aimee Huynh (QLD) and Dr Liam Beiglari (NSW) and commenced in 2023, with two meetings held in October and December 2023.

in 2024 the TAILS meetings are on the 4th Thursday of each of the following months:

  • Thursday 29 February (Adults) 1830-1930 AEDST. Bronte Jeffrey and Cecilia Zubrinich presenting about Venom allergy. 
  • Thursday 28 March (Adults) 1830-1930 AEDST. Michael Fitzgerald and Karuna Keat presenting Interstitial lung disease in connective tissue disorders 
  • Thursday 23 May (Paeds) 1830-1930 AEST. Gabriella Graves and Laine Hosking presenting about Basic Lab Interpretation of Flow Cytometry
  • Thursday 25 July (Paeds) 1830-1930 AEST. Abigail Hudson and Jovanka King presenting about Chronic Granulomatous Disease.
  • Thursday 26 September (Adults) 1830-1930 AEST. Gemma Kwan and Connie Katelaris presenting about Hereditary angioedema. 
  • Thursday 28 November (Paeds) 1830-1930 AEST. Shruti Swamy and trainee TBD presenting about Humoral immunodeficiencies 
Videos of TAILS meeting presentations held since March 2024 are available on the ASCIA website: (this webpage can only be viewed by ASCIA members when logged in).

Why we are doing this and what we hope to achieve:

  • You (who we represent) asked for more education
  • The format has been chosen to reduce presentation fatigue and focus on learning rather than spending hours preparing presentations
  • We aim to create a long lasting and ongoing education series for trainees that persists into the future

The format:

  • 1 hour of your time
  • 15 minutes trainee led case presentation
  • 20 minute consultant teaching on the topic
  • Remainder of the hour to discuss questions and problem based learning

ASCIA Annual Clinical Grand Rounds 

Each year ASCIA hosts its annual Clinical Grand Rounds (CGR) as part of the ASCIA Annual Conference.  Submission of ASCIA CGR cases is limited to advanced trainees in allergy/immunology.

ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members are also encouraged to register and submit poster abstracts for ASCIA Annual Conferences, to further their knowledge in all areas of clinical immunology and allergy. For more information go here

ASCIA Annual Conference Poster and CGR prizes are listed here

ASCIA Advanced Training Meetings 2007-2023

  • 2023, 30 April-2 May - ASCIA Immunodeficiency Training Meeting - Manly NSW
  • 2022, 18 June - ASCIA Allergy, PID and Autoimmunity Advanced Training Meeting - Manly, NSW
  • 2019, 26-30 May - ASCIA PID (APID) Advanced Training Meeting - Manly NSW
  • 2018, 8 September - ASCIA Autoimmunity Update - Canberra ACT 2018 ASCIA (held n conjunction with the ASCIA 2018 Conference)
  • 2017, 29-30 July - ASCIA Environmental Allergy Meeting and Private Practice Workshop - Sydney NSW
  • 2016, 24-28 July - ASCIA PID (APID) Advanced Training Meeting - Melbourne VIC
  • 2015, 12 September - ASCIA Autoimmunity Update - Adelaide SA
  • 2014, 2-4 May - ASCIA Allergy Advanced Training meeting - Manly NSW
  • 2013, 12-16 May - APPID Summer School - Manly NSW
  • 2012, 1-2 June - ASCIA Autoimmunity Advanced Training Meeting - Sydney NSW 
  • 2011, 6-7 May - ASCIA Allergy Advanced Training Meeting - Sydney NSW
  • 2010, 9-13 May - APPID Summer School - Hobart TAS
  • 2009, 9 May - ASCIA Autoimmunity Advanced Training meeting - Manly NSW
  • 2008, 10 May - ASCIA Allergy Advanced Training meeting - Blue Mountains NSW
  • 2007, May - APPID Summer School - Port Douglas, QLD

Participation in the ASCIA Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) Advanced Training meetings (previously known as Summer Schools) is restricted to current ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members or recently qualified clinical immunology/allergy specialists, who have not previously attended these meetings.  Information from the APID training meeting in May 2019 is on the ASCIA website

It is our intention that ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members participate in at least one Advanced Training Meeting during advanced training, or soon after completion of advanced training.

Prior to 2007 it had been almost a decade since the last ASCIA Advanced Training Meeting had been held. We are grateful to Dr Joanne Smart, Dr Karl Bleasel and Professor Dominic Mallon for initiating the ASCIA Advanced Training meetings which have now been held since 2007.

Information about advanced training 

A career in Clinical Immunology and Allergy

What training is required to become a Clinical Immunologist and Allergist? 

Content updated May 2024