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National medical laboratory workforce certification scheme 

In July 2020 a new national certification scheme for the medical laboratory workforce was launched by the Board of the Australian Council for the Certification of the Medical Scientific Laboratory Workforce (ACCMLSW). More than 300 scientists and technicians have already obtained certification and are listed at

Certification and inclusion on a public register demonstrates a commitment to superior professionalism, support of industry standards and is aligned with competency development and assessment processes. Certified medical laboratory scientists and technicians can expect an advantage in career progression, and other benefits, including:

  • Public recognition of scientific qualifications.
  • Acknowledgement of participation in continuing professional development (CPD) and education.
  • Increased professional credibility and prestige of scientists and technicians in the industry.
  • Potential to provide further educational and CPD opportunities for scientists and technicians. 

A webinar about the certification scheme is available here:

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Content updated August 2023