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ASCIA Basten Oration

Professor Antony Basten AOThe ASCIA Annual Basten Oration was initiated in 2006 by Dr Karl Baumgart (ASCIA President 2004-2006). Dr Baumgart presented Professor Antony Basten AO with his portrait at the ASCIA 2006 Gala Dinner, after the inaugural Basten Oration, which was presented by Professor Basten. Presenters of the Basten Oration since 2007 are listed below.

The Basten Oration has been held at each ASCIA Annual Conference since 2006, in recognition of Professor Basten's:

  • Pioneering work in clinical immunology and allergy for more than 40 years.
  • Immense contribution as the Chairman of the successful World Allergy Congress, held in Sydney in the year 2000. 
  • Important role as the first and founding President of ASCIA (1990-1992).

In 2023 the Basten Oration was presented by Professor Connie Katelaris AM, chaired by Associate Professor Ron Walls AM (ASCIA President 1998-2000,) and attended by Professor Basten AO, who are all past ASCIA Presidents, as listed at

Prof Basten AO, Prof Connie Katelaris AM and A/Prof Ronald Walls AM


Basten Oration 2007-2023

Prof Connie Katelaris AM2023: Sydney, New South Wales
Professor Connie Katelaris AM

ASCIA President 1994-1996

One Career in Clinical Immunology and Allergy  

2022: Melbourne, Victoria - Hybrid 
Dr David Hill

How a Social Worker, a Botanist and the NASA Space Program influenced the development of the Melbourne Food Allergy Program

2021: Virtual
Dr Katie Allen MP 

A Journey from Benchside to Bedside, and Population to Politics - Why would you do it? 

Richard Loh2019: Perth, Western Australia
Clinical Associate Professor Richard Loh OAM

ASCIA President 2012-2014

 ASCIA, A&AA, and the National Allergy Strategy:  Blood, Sweat and Tears: Celebrating Success 

Dr Ray Mullins Basten Orator 20182018: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Dr Raymond Mullins

ASCIA President 2008-2010

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis in Australia – A Narrative Review

Dr Penny Fitzharris2017: Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Penny Fitzharris

The Changing Faces of Clinical Immunology and Allergy 

Dr Graham Solley
2016: Gold Coast, Queensland
Dr Graham Solley

Early Advances in IgE Antibody and Eosinophil Function 

Dr Robert Heddle

2015: Adelaide, South Australia
Professor Robert Heddle

ASCIA President 1996-1998

Insect Venom Allergy: Important Lessons from Local Oddities  

Professor James McCluskey

2014: Melbourne, Victoria
Professor James McCluskey

T Cell Recognition of Vitamin Metabolites 

Prof Susan Prescott

2013: Perth, Western Australia
Professor Susan Prescott

Allergy and the NCD Pandemic - The Canary in the Coal Mine 

 Professor Innes Asher ONZM2012: Wellington, New Zealand
Professor Innes Asher ONZM

A Global Perspective on Allergy - Are there Targets for Prevention?   

Professor Paul Gatenby AM2011: Sydney, New South Wales
Professor Paul Gatenby AM

Nature and Nurture - The Pathogenesis of Systemic Vasculitis

Prof John Upham

2010: Gold Coast, Queensland
Professor John Upham

Changing the Trajectory of Allergic Respiratory Disease

Professor Heddy Zola2009: Adelaide, South Australia
Professor Heddy Zola

Monoclonal Antibodies and Flow Cytometry - Techniques made for each other, and for Clinical Immunology   

Professor Robyn O’Hehir 2008: Melbourne, Victoria
Professor Robyn O’Hehir AO

Treating Allergy - Any Progress? Twenty Years of Translational Research in Allergy 

Professor Patrick Holt 2007: Fremantle, Western Australia
Professor Patrick Holt

Heterogeneity in Response Phenotypes in Atopy - Insight from Studies


 Content updated September 2023