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ASCIA Priorities 2023-2024

ASCIA's purpose is to advance the science and practice of allergy and clinical immunology.

This is achieved by promoting the highest standard of medical practice, training, education and research, to improve the quality of life and health of people with immune system disorders, including allergies, immunodeficiencies and other immune diseases.

ASCIA works towards achieving its purpose by undertaking initiatives that are prioritised to maximise services and benefits to ASCIA members, whilst advocating for patients and carers. ASCIA priorities for 2023-2024 are listed below.



  • ASCIA Annual Conference – This is the main event for allergy and immunology continuing professional development (CPD) in Australia and New Zealand, which also enables important interactions with colleagues. ASCIA members receive discounted registration fees.
  • ASCIA committees and working parties - These play a vital role within ASCIA. Membership is restricted to ASCIA members and participation is on a voluntary basis. Chairs of ASCIA committees are represented on ASCIA Council.
  • ASCIA educational dinner meetings – Only ASCIA members are eligible to attend ASCIA educational dinner meetings, which contribute to CPD and enable interactions with colleagues.
  • ASCIA online meetings ASCIA Associate members (Advanced TraineesNurses and Dietitians) and TAPID members regularly meet by videoconference, which is facilitated by ASCIA and contributes to CPD. 
  • ASCIA advanced training meetings – Only ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members are eligible to attend ASCIA advanced training meetings, which are usually held each year.

The Medical Board of Australia and the Medical Council of New Zealand have strengthened recertification requirements for medical practitioners, who will each need a CPD Home from January 2023:

  • RACP Fellows can access Information about the RACP MyCPD program here
  • RACGP Fellows can access information about  the RACGP CPD program here.
  • Rural and remote medical practitioners can access information from ACCRM here.  


  • National Allergy Council – This partnership between ASCIA and Allergy & Anaphylaxis implements the National Allergy Strategy by advocating and developing resources that include Nip allergies in the Bub and Allergy 250K.
  • ASCIA Immunodeficiency Strategy – This collaboration between ASCIA, patient support organisations and other stakeholders aims to improve the health and well-being of people with immunodeficiencies. Implementation of the Strategy commenced in 2022, with an initial focus on newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).
  • Collaborations with research groups – ASCIA collaborates with more than 30 other organisations, including research groups such as the Centre for Food & Allergy Research (CFAR) and the National Allergy Centre of Excellence (NACE). 
  • Collaborations with patient/carer support groups - Each year ASCIA invites up to ten patient/carer support groups to exhibit at the ASCIA Annual Conference. 
  • Communications with other professional organisations. 

ASCIA Priorities 2023-2024

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Webpage updated December 2023