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ASCIA Education Projects

The ASCIA team works with ASCIA member committees and working parties to review, update and develop world leading, accessible, consistent and evidence based online resources, education and training, to support ASCIA members, other health professionals, patients, carers and the community.

As part of ASCIA's ongoing commitment to improving access to ASCIA website resources, education and training, and enhance the user experience, new webpages have been developed for health professionals:

To improve access to ASCIA website information for patients, carers and community, and enhance the user experience, a new webpage has been developed. ReadSpeaker has been added to these webpages, to improve access for people with:

  • Vision impairment, limited reading ability or learning disabilities, by allowing text to speech (TTS).
  • Non-English speaking backgrounds - information can be translated into 20 different languages by highlighting the text and selecting 'translate’.

To improve access and enhance the user experience for ASCIA community education and training, significant updates were made in 2022 to ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training courses for schools, children's education/care services and community and ASCIA First Aid Plans for Anaphylaxis.

To find out how ASCIA resources are developed go to:

Content updated December 2022