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ASCIA 2018 Conference

We look forward to your participation in the ASCIA 2018 Conference in Canberra, 4-8 September 2018.

To register or view the program go to

Information for registered delegates about sponsored evening events during the ASCIA 2018 Conference week:
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Reports from previous ASCIA Annual Conferences 

ASCIA 2017 Conference Report

ASCIA 2017 conference

pdfASCIA 2017 Program Book6.01 MB

28th ASCIA Annual Conference, Viaduct Events Centre Auckland, 13-15 September 2017

The ASCIA 2017 Conference was a great success, with more than 680 registrations, an outstanding program, an interactive conference app and a spectacular venue located on the stunning Waitematā Harbour in Auckland.  

The positive feedback received from delegates has indicated that it was a highlight of the year for ASCIA members and other health professionals with an interest in allergy and clinical immunology.  

Thank you to the ASCIA 2017 conference:

  • Organising committee co-chairs - Dr Maia Brewerton and Dr Anthony Jordan
  • Organising committee members - Dr Andy Baker, Dr Jan Sinclair and Dr Pete Storey
  • Nurse and Dietitian update coordinators - Pauline Brown, Anna Richards and Simone Stephens
  • CFAR symposium chair - Professor Katie Allen and the CFAR team
  • Dietitian workshop coordinators - Anna Richards and Ingrid Roche
  • Basten Orator - Dr Penny Fitzharris 
  • Invited speakers and chairs (~80) from New Zealand or Australia
  • Case and/or poster presenters - more than 20 of these were presented by advanced trainees in Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • All speakers, chairs and delegates who utilised the features of the conference app, which allowed for interactive sessions and greatly enhanced the effectiveness of question times 
  • Sponsors and exhibitors, who continue to support the ASCIA annual conference and other educational initiatives 
  • Staff, who all worked tirelessly to ensure that the conference was such a success

Thank you also to the following 8 international speakers who presented at the conference:

  • Professor Carsten Bindslev-Jensen (ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Lene Heise Garvey (ASCIA-ANZAAG Drug Allergy Symposium keynote speaker)
  • Professor Jonathan Hourihane (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Nikos Papadopoulos (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Werner Pichler (ASCIA-ANZAAG Drug Allergy Symposium keynote speaker)
  • Professor Jennifer Puck (ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Hugh Sampson (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Scott Sicherer(CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)

Congratulations to the clinical grand round, primary immunodeficiency case and poster award winners who are listed on the ASCIA website 

A total of 92 posters were displayed and these are available to view on the conference app. You can access the app, even if you didn't attend the conference.  For instructions go to  All abstracts have been published in the online Internal Medicine Journal and these are archived on the ASCIA website

The social functions were also a highlight of the conference, including a karanga (Maori welcome call) performed by a kapahaka group at the Welcome Function, and a spectacular Gala Dinner at St Matthew-in-the-City.  Photographs from these events will soon be available on the ASCIA website.

The ASCIA 2017 conference was held in conjunction with:

  • ASCIA-ANZAAG 2017 Drug Allergy Symposium hosted by ASCIA and the Australia New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group (ANZAAG) on Friday 15 September (half day - afternoon) and Saturday 16 September.
  • ASCIA 2017 Nurse and Dietitian Updates on Friday 15 September.
  • Centre for Food and Allergy Research (CFAR) Symposium 2017 on Tuesday 12 September.
  • Food Allergy Workshop for dietitians on Saturday 16 September.
  • Allergy New Zealand's Primary Care Allergy Update on Saturday 16 September.

The ASCIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 was held during the ASCIA 2017 Conference on Thursday 14 September. In case you missed it, the AGM Minutes are available on the ASCIA website:

We look forward to your partcipation in the ASCIA 2018 Conference in Canberra next September. For more information visit

ASCIA 2016 Conference Report

27th Annual Conference of ASCIA, 14-17 September 2016 Gold Coast Convention Centre

pdfASCIA 2016 Program Book6.81 MB

27th ASCIA Annual Conference, Gold Coast Convention Centre, 14-17 September 2016

The ASCIA 2016 conference provided 786 delegates with a unique opportunity to hear from 6 international experts and more than 30 local experts on a wide range of areas in allergy and clinical immunology. The conference also included 79 posters, 48 poster presentations and 16 clinical grand rounds presentations.

Congratulations and thank you to Dr Susan Perel (Chair), A/Professor Jane Peake and Dr David Gillis for organising an outstanding program for the ASCIA 2016 Conference. Thank you also to Kathy Beck and Anna Sullivan for coordinating an excellent Nurses' and Dietitians' Update and Professor Katie Allen for another successful CFAR Symposium.
Congratulations to the poster and clinical grand rounds award winners, who are listed at
To access poster and clinical grand rounds abstracts published in the Internal Medicine Journal go to
To access posters go to 

Thank you to the 6 international speakers who travelled so far to share their expertise:

  • Professor Abul Abbas, Dr Sergio Rosenzweig and Professor Hugh Sampson from the USA
  • Professor Marcus Maurer from Germany
  • Dr Michael Perkin and Dr Glenis Scadding from the UK
Thank you also to our Basten Orator Dr Graham Solley who presented the 11th annual Basten Oration, a tradition since it was introduced in 2006: 

This is the third time that Professor Abbas has presented the Postgraduate Immunology Course at an ASCIA Conference, for which we are extremely grateful. This course was the culmination of 5 days filled with opportunities to learn and interact with colleagues.  The slides from this course are available on the members section of the ASCIA website: 

The ASCIA 2016 conference included several innovations:

  • Introduction of a conference app which included most of the posters
  • ASCIA Nurses and Dietitians Updates were held on Friday, in parallel with conference sessions, to help make the time spent at the conference more efficient and cost effective for all delegates
  • The ASCIA 2016 Gala Dinner included live music, a raffle and a silent auction, to raise funds for AIFA research grants - to access photos from this event and the conference go to 

Thank you to the team at ICMSA for organising the logistics of the conference, as well as sponsors and exhibitors, who continue to provide ongoing support for ASCIA Annual Conferences and other ASCIA educational initiatives.

The main aim of ASCIA Annual Conferences is to provide an international standard of continuing professional development and opportunities to update knowledge for ASCIA members and other health professionals working in the areas of allergy and clinical immunology. We believe that this conference achieved this aim and exceeded expectations.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 28th ASCIA Conference next September in Auckland, New Zealand. 

ASCIA 2015 Conference Report

26th Annual Conference of ASCIA, 9th - 12th September 2015 Adelaide Convention Centre  

26th ASCIA Annual Conference, Adelaide Convention Centre, 9-12 September 2015

Congratulations and thank you to Dr William Smith and Dr Anthony Smith for co-chairing this highly successful conference, which has received excellent feedback from delegates.

Thank you also to:
  • International speakers - Professor Kirsten Beyer, Professor John Harley, Professor Gideon Lack and Professor Luigi Notarangelo.
  • Local organising committee members - Dr Tatjana Banovic, Dr Damien Chan, Prof Robert Heddle, Dr Pravin Hissaria, Dr Tiffany Hughes, Dr Frank Kette, Merryn Netting, Dr Patrick Quinn and Deryn Thompson.
  • Basten Orator - Prof Robert Heddle
  • Other speakers and chairs - more than 80 speakers and chairs from Australasia participated in this conference.
  • Delegates - there were more than 400 delegate registrations in addition to 100 exhibitor delegate registrations.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors for their continued support of ASCIA Annual Conferences.
  • Prof Katie Allen and her colleaugues for organising the Tuesday Symposium.
  • ASCIA and ICMSA staff - Rikki, Michelle, Sandra, Rebecca, Helane, Georgia.

A total of 94 abstracts were submitted, comprising 78 posters and 16 clinical grand rounds. All abstracts are published online in the Internal Medicine Journal and this can be accessed via the ASCIA website: 

Congratulations to the poster and clinical grand rounds award winners - listed on the ASCIA website:

Innovations to the program in 2015 included:

  • Autoimmunity Update for advanced trainees and consultants on Saturday 12 September 2015 
  • Satellite Symposium on Food, Allergy and Nutrition, Food, Allergy and Nutrition Symposium 2015 hosted by the Centre for Food and Allergy Research (CFAR) and the Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) in Foods for Future Australians on Tuesday 8 September 2015. 

The social program was well attended, including the Gala Dinner, held in the spectacular setting of the Adelaide Oval, a short walk across the bridge from the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

ASCIA 2014 Conference Report 

pdfASCIA 2014 Program Book6.57 MB

25th ASCIA Annual Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre, 10-13 September 2014

Congratulations and thank you to the ASCIA 2014 Conference Chair, Professor Jo Douglass and her organising committee on a highly successful conference.  We have received excellent feedback about the program and venue. In her welcome message Professor Douglass stated:

"This is the 25th ASCIA annual conference and we celebrate today those people who considered, 25 years ago, that the synergies from joining the Clinical Immunology Group of the Australasian Society for Immunology with the Australian College of Allergy were worth more than our differences.  With more than 400 delegates at this conference this shows that this is the case.

In welcoming you to this conference I suggest we are here to achieve the following 3 things:

1. Update on the clinical and scientific basis of our practice            Thank you in advance to our 4 international speakers, to CFAR for jointly sponsoring 2 of these speakers, and to local speakers who bring their work and passion to our conference.

2. Update on our local research                                                      This is the largest number of posters ever displayed and presented and I thank all of the authors for their efforts.

3. Celebrate our collegiality                                                                 Our annual conference is an opportunity to renew and refresh our relationships with our professional colleagues and industry partners in this dynamic environment.

Thank you to all for coming, welcome, and enjoy!"

Congratulations to the poster and clinical grand round (CGR) award winners, who are listed on the ASCIA website:

All 111 abstracts that were submitted for posters and CGR cases are also published online, in the Internal Medicine Journal (IMJ):

I would also take this opportunity to thank all of the following:

International speakers - Prof Bobby Gaspar, Prof Robert Lemanske, A/Prof Kari Nadeau, A/Prof Wayne Shreffler.

Basten Orator - Prof James McCluskey

Organising committee - Prof Katie Allen, Dr Sara Barnes, Dr Jeremy McComish, Vicki McWilliam, Dr Kate Nicholls, Prof Robyn O'Hehir, Dr Joanne Smart, Prof Mimi Tang, Dr Dean Tey, Leone Thiele.

Other speakers and chairs - 40 speakers and 44 chairs in total.

Delegates - 420 delegates in addition to 100 exhibitor delegates.

Sponsors and exhibitors - for their continued support of ASCIA annual conferences and other ASCIA educational initiatives.

ASCIA and ICMSA staff - Sandra, Rikki, Michelle, Rebecca, Helane.

Highlights of the ASCIA 2014 Annual Conference included:

  • A total of 111 abstracts submitted, comprising 96 posters and 15 CGR cases - a record high.
  • 90 oral poster presentations – another record high.
  • A total of $24,000 AUD in awards for CGR/posters and travel scholarships – another record high.
  • Popular social functions including the Gala Dinner, held at the Melbourne Aquarium.

 ASCIA 2013 Report 

pdfASCIA 2013 Program Book 3.1 MB

24th ASCIA Annual Scientific Meeting, Perth Convention Centre, 10-14 September 2013

Congratulations and thank you to the ASCIA 2013 Chair, Dr Richard Nolan for coordinating a very successful meeting, both in terms of the scientific and social programs, which have received excellent feedback. Thank you also to the:

  • Organising committee - Dr John Bandouvakis, Dr Christine Bundell, Rachael Dunn, A/Prof Peter Hollingsworth, Monica Kemp, A/Prof Richard Loh, Dr Andrew McLean-Tooke, Val Noble, Prof Elizabeth Phillips, Ingrid Roche, Prof Susan Prescott, Sandra Vale.
  • International speakers - Prof Abul Abbas, Dr Linda Cox, Prof Josep Dalmau, Prof Raif Geha, Prof Ruby Pawankar, Prof Harald Renz.
  • Basten Orator - Prof Susan Prescott
  • Other speakers and chairs - 79 in total, comprising 37 speakers and 42 42 chairs from Australia and New Zealand, in addition to 40 presenters of posters (26) and  clinical grand round (cgr) cases (14). All ASCIA 2013 poster and cgr abstracts published in the online Internal Medicine Journal (IMJ) 
  • Delegates - 352 delegates and 104 exhibitor delegates.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors - for their continued support of ASCIA annual conferences and other ASCIA educational initiatives.
  • ASCIA and ICMSA staff - Sandra, Michelle, Rebecca, Helane.

Highlights of ASCIA 2013 included:

  • 6 Presidents of international or national allergy and/or immunology organisations (an Australasian first) with Prof Abul Abbas (FOCIS), Dr Linda Cox (AAAAI), Prof Connie Katelaris (APAAACI), A/Prof Richard Loh (ASCIA), Prof Ruby Pawankar (WAO) and Prof Harald Renz (GSACI) all involved in the conference.
  • Postgraduate Immunology Course, run by Prof Abul Abbasheld for the 2nd time as part of an ASCIA conference.
  • 37 speakers and 42 chairs from Australia and New Zealand (79 in total – a record high) and certificates of appreciation for all of these participants, in recognition of their valued contribution.
  • 40 other oral presentations, with 26 posters and 14 clinical grand round cases presented and 64 posters submitted and displayed.
  • A total of $20,000 AUD (another record) in poster and clinical grand round (cgr) awards and  travel scholarships,  comprising 9 awards (ranging from $1,000 -$1,500) and 20 advanced trainee travel scholarships of $500 each.  Congratulations to the award winners, who are also listed on the ASCIA website:
  • Extremely popular social functions on each evening from Wednesday to Friday. The ASCIA 2013 Gala Dinner was held at State Reception Centre, Fraser's restaurant, with magnificent views of the city and river from King's Park. 

ASCIA 2012 Report

pdfASCIA 2012 Program Book 934.94 KB

23rd ASCIA Annual Scientific Meeting, Wellington Town Hall, 5-8 September 2012

Congratulations and thank you to the organising committee of ASCIA 2012; Dr Shannon Brothers, Dr Marianne Empson and Pauline Brown, led by the ASCIA 2012 Chair, Dr Miriam Hurst. Thank you also to the staff at ICMSA (Rebecca and Helane), ASCIA staff (Michelle and Sandra), all speakers and chairs, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors for their support of ASCIA 2012.

In particular we would like to thank our keynote international speakers, Professor Andrew Cant, Professor Ulrich Wahn, Dr Jorg Kleine-Tebbe and Professor Carlos Camargo for their informative and entertaining presentations throughout ASCIA 2012.

Feedback has been extremely positive, especially regarding the following highlights or innovations that were introduced at ASCIA 2012: 

  • A larger than usual proportion of speakers and chairs were from Australia or New Zealand (55 out of a total of 60) and certificates of appreciation were given to all of these participants, in recognition of their valued contributions to ASCIA 2012.
  • There were more opportunities for other delegates to present, with 31 poster presentations and 13 clinical grand rounds (CGR) presentations.
  • A record total of $15,000 worth of awards and scholarships ($500 each) were provided to 30 recipients, comprising  2 CGR awards, 13 poster awards and 15 advanced trainee travel scholarships. Congratulations to the CGR and poster award winners, who are  listed on the ASCIA website:
  • There were more “Plenary” style sessions at ASCIA 2012, with 2 rather than 3 speakers, presenting for 40-45 minutes each.
  • A PID Workshop (including 4 case studies) was held as an interactive breakfast session.
  • An Update on ASCIA Education Resources was included for the first time.
  • All ASCIA 2012 poster and CGR abstracts were published in the online Internal Medicine Journal (IMJ) a week before the meeting and not in the Program Book.  These abstracts can be accessed via the ASCIA website:
  • The Immunopathology Update and Allergy/Immunology Update meetings were held concurrently on Saturday, with most of the exhibition remaining from Wednesday to Saturday.

ASCIA 2012 included very popular social functions on each evening from Wednesday to Friday and a traditional "Powhiri" welcome. The ASCIA 2012 Gala Dinner was held at the spectacular Te Papa Museum, a highlight of Wellington.

ASCIA 2011 Report

pdfASCIA 2011 Program Book 1.11 MB

22nd ASCIA Annual Scientific Meeting, Sydney Convention Centre, 6-10 September 2011

Congratulations and thank you to the ASCIA 2011 Chair, Prof Connie Katelaris and members of the ASCIA 2011 organising committee, Prof Brad Frankum, Dr Preeti Joshi, Dr Karuna Keat, Dr Frederick Lee, Dr Brynn Wainstein and Pamela Burton.

Thank you also to all speakers and chairs, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors for their support of ASCIA 2011.

In particular we would like to thank our international speakers, Prof Abul Abbas (USA), Prof Pascal Demoly (France), Dr George Du Toit (UK), Prof Gunnar Johansson (Sweden), Dr Montserrat Fernandez-Rivas (Spain), Dr Steven Holland (USA), Dr Marc Riedl (USA) and Prof Yehuda Shoenfeld (Israel).  

The ASCIA 2011 scientific program included a record number of:

  • 9 international speakers as well as more than 40 Australasian speakers and chairs.
  • 75 posters and 9 Clinical Grand Round (CGR) presentations. All ASCIA 2011 poster and CGR abstracts have been published in the online Internal Medicine Journal (IMJ) and these can be accessed via the ASCIA webpage ASCIA Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts 

Congratulations to the poster and CGR award winners, who are listed on ASCIA Awards and Grants.  Thank you to all the sponsors of these awards and travel scholarships for advanced trainees. 

For the first time in Australasia, a postgraduate immunology course was held as part of the meeting, expertly run by Prof Abul Abbas, who is the current (2011-2012) President of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS).  This course was very popular, with 82 delegates participating on the Saturday, after attending the 3 day ASCIA 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting. 

ASCIA 2011 included social functions on each evening from Tuesday to Friday. Highlights from these events included: 

  • The outstanding performance at the ASCIA 2011 Welcome Function by The Ultrasounds, the choir of the School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney.  
  • The presentation Medicine and the Media by Dr John D'Arcy at the ASCIA 2011 Gala Dinner, held at the spectacular National Maritime Museum. 
  • ASCIA 2011 photographs, expertly taken by Dr John Tan.

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