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ASCIA Primary Immunodeficiency (APID) Meetings

ASCIA Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) Advanced Training meetings (previously known as APPID Summer Schools) have been held every three years since 2007. Registration for the intensive and interactive four day residential meeting is restricted to advanced trainees or recently qualified clinical immunology/allergy specialists, who have not previously attended these meetings. Delegate numbers are limited and preference is given to ASCIA members.

Each delegate is required to submit a PID case abstract and present this at the meeting. International and local faculty members are involved in reviewing the cases and also give presentations throughout the four day program.

It is our intention that ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members participate in at least one of each of the three types of meetings (PID, Allergy, Autoimmunity) during advanced training, or soon after completion of advanced training.  

There are no registration fees for these meetings due APID Advanced Training meetings being supported by unrestricted educationals grants from CSL Behring since 2007. 

The most recent ASCIA Primary Immunodeficiency (APID) Training Meeting was held in Sydney from 26-30 May 2019, immediately following the ASCIA TAPID Consultants meeting on 25-26 May 2019. 

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In July 2016 ASCIA hosted the following 2 meetings:

ASCIA PID (APID) 2016 Training Meeting 24-28 July 2016

  • ASCIA TAPID 2016 Consultants Meeting 23-24 July 2016

APID Advanced Training Meetings 2007-2019

  • 2007, May - APPID Summer School - Port Douglas, QLD
  • 2010, 9-13 May - APPID Summer School - Hobart TAS
  • 2013, 12-16 May - APPID Summer School - Manly NSW
  • 2016, 24-28 July - ASCIA PID (APID) Advanced Training Meeting - Melbourne VIC
  • 2019, 26-30 May - ASCIA PID (APID) Advanced Training Meeting - Manly NSW

The next APID Advanced Training Meeting is scheduled for May 2022.

For information about other ASCIA Advanced Training Meetings go to 

Content updated December 2019