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ASCIA Dietary Guide - Soy Allergy

This document has been developed by ASCIA, the peak professional body of clinical immunology/allergy specialists in Australia and New Zealand. ASCIA information is based on published literature and expert review, is not influenced by commercial organisations and is not intended to replace medical advice. For patient or carer support contact Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia or Allergy New Zealand.

ASCIA Dietary Avoidance for Food Allergy FAQ should be used with the ASCIA dietary guide for soy allergy.

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Soy is found in many foods, and often in foods we do not suspect. Avoiding soy is essential for people with confirmed soy allergy. It is important to read and understand food labels to be able to choose the right foods.

The following foods and ingredients CONTAIN soy and should be avoided:

Bean curd

Soy desserts

Soy sauce


Soy flour

Soy yoghurt


Soy formula


Soya beans

Soy ice cream


Soy bean paste

Soy milk


Soy bean sprouts

Soy protein isolate


Soy cheeses



Check labels on the following foods to see if they contain soy, and if they do avoid them:

Allergy friendly breads

Crumbed meats and fish


Bread/breadcrumbs/bakery items

Deli salads


Cakes and biscuits

Flavoured milk drinks

Soup mixes

Cereals including baby cereals


Stock cubes

Chocolate flavourings


Taco shells

Chocolate nut spread

Homemade bread mixes

Textured/hydrolysed vegetable protein

Chocolates and sweets

Mayonnaise type dressings

Vegetarian foods

The following ingredients are made from soy but can be eaten by most people with soy allergy:

Soy lecithin (additive number 322) and soya bean oil.

Other legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils are tolerated by most people that are allergic to soy.

Soy free bread alternatives:

Most breads are made with a starter containing soy. Options for soy free breads include:

  • Home-made bread.
  • Check your local baker, greengrocer, delicatessen or supermarket for soy free breads.
  • Sourdough bread is usually soy free, but should be checked.
  • Crumpets 
  • Many flat breads such as Lebanese or Indian bread, wraps, and mountain breads.

Soy milk substitutes

Instead of:


For a child less than 12 months of age: Soy infant formula.

Breast milk or cow’s milk formula. If allergic to cow’s milk, a hydrolysed cow’s milk formula or amino acid formula.

Rice, oat or nut-based drink is NOT suitable for a child <12 months.

Speak with a clinical immunology/allergy specialist to choose the best milk for your child.

For a child older than 12 months of age: Soy drink.

Cow’s milk. If allergic to cow’s milk use rice or oat drink and choose one with at least 120 mg calcium/100 ml. If using these beverages, guidance from a dietitian is recommended.

Speak with a clinical immunology/allergy specialist to choose the best milk alternative for your child.

Soy yoghurt

Cow’s milk yoghurt.

Soy cheese, soy sour cream

Cow’s milk cheese, and sour cream.

Soy ice cream

Cow’s milk ice cream, sorbet, gelato.

The food lists included in this document are not exhaustive.

People with food allergy should check foods labels each time products are purchased.

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