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This webpage includes links to recent publications and reviews of publications of interest to ASCIA members. 

Reference lists for ASCIA resources are available at

Allergy Prevention
Nip allergies in the Bub: a qualitative study for a public health approach to infant feeding for allergy prevention (open access) 

A systematic review of infant feeding food allergy prevention guidelines - can we AGREE? (open access)


Anaphylaxis: emergency management for health professionals - Australian Prescriber wallchart (open access)

Adrenaline injectors: update on prescribing (open access)

Changes in Australian food anaphylaxis admission rates following introduction of updated allergy prevention guidelines (open access)

Food Allergy

An International First: Stakeholder Consensus Statement for Food Allergen Management in Packaged Foods and Food Service for Australia and New Zealand (access restricted to subscribers)
The first reptilian allergen and major allergen for fish-allergic patients: Crocodile β-parvalbumin (open access)

Drug (Medication) Allergy

Anaphylaxis in Victoria: presentations to emergency departments, with a focus on drug- and antimicrobial‐related cases (open access)

Editorial: Drug-induced anaphylaxis in Australia: we need a national drug allergy registry (access restricted to subscribers)

Prevalence of drug allergy in South Australia (access restricted to subscribers)
A loss-of-function IFNAR1 allele in Polynesia underlies severe viral diseases in homozygotes (open access)

Reviews of publications 

Immunology Research Review, Issue 5,-Issue-5.aspx

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