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AIFA - Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia

AIFA - ACNC Registered Charity

AIFA has awarded $719,160 in research grants to 34 projects since the program commenced:

  • $90,000 awarded to 7 research projects in 2023, announced at the ASCIA 2023 Conference, which included presentations by recipients of AIFA grants in 2021 .
  • $115,000 awarded to 4 research projects in 2022, announced at the ASCIA 2022 Conference, which included presentations by recipients of AIFA grants that were awarded in 2020.
  • $127,000 awarded to 5 research projects in 2021,  announced at the ASCIA 2021  Conference, which included presentations by recipients of AIFA grants that were awarded from 2015 to 2019.
  • $110,000 awarded to 5 research projects in 2020. 
  • $120,000 awarded to 5 research projects in 2019.
  • $157,160 awarded to 8 research projects from 2015-2018.

All research projects that have been awarded AIFA grants are listed on the AIFA website

AIFA grant rounds open in March and are announced at the ASCIA conference in September. Expression of interest (EOI) forms are on the AIFA website 

To be eligible for an AIFA grant the Chief Investigator must be an ASCIA member and the research needs to be carried out by the chief investigator and designated team in a non-profit institution in Australia or New Zealand. 

Thank you to the AIFA expert grant selection panel, led by Dr Melanie Wong, who volunteer their time to work on a robust selection process.

Thank you also to our generous AIFA donors and sponsors:  

By donating to AIFA or sponsoring an AIFA grant, you can be reassured that 100% of donations and sponsorship to AIFA directly fund allergy/immunology research grants. 

There are many projects with great potential that still require funding, so we seek your support for future AIFA grants.

Donate to AIFA now 

AIFA research grants encourage:

  • Emerging researchers who may not yet receive grants from the NHMRC or other organisations.
  • Innovative research that requires seed funding.
  • Collaborative research projects conducted throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Projects that will translate to better treatment and care for patients with allergy and other immune diseases.

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About AIFA

AIFA was established in 2013 by ASCIA, the peak professional body for allergy and clinical immunology in Australasia.  The aim of AIFA is to improve the health and care of people with allergy and other immune diseases by funding medical research  in Australia and New Zealand. 

Allergy and other immune system disorders (primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune diseases) are amongst the most important chronic diseases and public health issues in Australia and New Zealand, affecting around 25% of the population. Funding of research into allergy and other immune diseases is vital for the prevention and treatment of these diseases, and to ultimately find cures.  

Content updated October 2023