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  • Updated information regarding the status of allergen shortages in Australia and New Zealand
    May 2, 2016:  ASCIA was officially advised on April 29 that there is a preventive recall of the Inmunotek brand of subcutaneous (injectable) immunotherapy allergen extracts that are supplied by Australasian Medical and Scientific Limited (AMSL). This preventive recall means that shipping of these products from the AMSL warehouses is...
  • Changes to adrenaline autoinjector labels
    Apr 19 2016:  In Australia, adrenaline is the approved name of the ingredient in autoinjector devices used for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. Currently, the only available autoinjector to treat anaphylaxis in Australia and New Zealand is supplied under the brand name EpiPen®. In some countries, including the USA, adrenaline...
  • How are you managing your pollen allergies in a changing global climate?
    Apr 5 2016:  Data shows that global warming has resulted in plants producing more pollen. The allergy season is lengthening as well as the prevalence and severity of symptoms for people suffering from allergic rhinitis caused by pollen allergy, commonly referred to as hay fever.   World Allergy Week An init...
  • Updated Infant Feeding Advice and Guidelines for Allergy Prevention in Infants
    Mar 14, 2016:  The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), the peak body for allergy and critical immunology in Australia, has updated the infant feeding advice and guidelines for allergy prevention in infants. "Allergic disorders are often life long, and although treatable, there is currently no cure. It t...
  • Adrenaline autoinjector expiry dates should be checked on device
    Mar 10, 2016:  Following recent reports from some pharmacies in Victoria regarding a discrepancy between the expiry date on EpiPen® adrenaline autoinjector devices and the expiry date on the box (carton), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has issued a notification on its website: www.tga.gov.au/alert/epipen-300-microgram-ad...
  • Primary immunodeficiency (PID) e-training
    Mar 9, 2016:  New e-training course online now.  ASCIA primary immunodeficiency (PID) e-training for health professionals is now available free of charge from the ASCIA website: www.allergy.org.au/health-professionals/health-professionals-e-training  The main objectives of this course are to: Increase awareness of P...
  • ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training for Victorian Schools is now online
    Feb 22, 2016:  ASCIA has worked with the Victorian Education Department over the past 18 months to develop ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training for Victorian schools. This course is now available at https://etrainingvic.allergy.org.au/  With most Australian states using ASCIA e-training as the recommended training, the majority of sch...
  • Information regarding the status of allergen shortages in Australia and New Zealand
    Jan 12, 2016:  Issues surrounding supply of allergen extracts are outside the control of ASCIA or individual medical practitioners. Information provided at the time of writing this is subject to change, and is derived from the primary source of information, Stallergenes Australia. ASCIA Information regarding the status of allergen...
  • First National Allergy Strategy released
    Aug 7, 2015:  Australian children and adults with allergy are often being poorly managed, with resources being wasted and their health and wellbeing at risk - but the launch of the new National Allergy Strategy has solutions. “More than 4 million Australians are currently affected by allergic diseases and that number is growing fas...
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ASCIA is a WAO member society
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