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Anaphylaxis Resources

ASCIA has developed an extensive range of resources to assist in the management of severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and the use of anaphylaxis emergency medication (adrenaline [epinephrine] autoinjectors).  These resources are regularly reviewed and updated, to keep them consistent with changes in the published medical literature and current best medical practice.

For information about how ASCIA information is developed go to: www.allergy.org.au/about-ascia/website-information

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ASCIA Action Plans

ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions

ASCIA Action Plan: Anaphylaxis 

ASCIA Action Plans FAQs

ASCIA anapylaxis faqs

Action Plans FAQs

How to give anaphylaxis emergency medication (adrenaline [epinephrine] autoinjectors)

 ASCIA Travel Plan

ascia travel plan

ASCIA Travel Plan: Anaphylaxis

 ASCIA Travel Checklist

 travel checklist 2016

ASCIA Travel Checklist

Anaphylaxis checklist 
ASCIA anaphylaxis checklist 

Anaphylaxis Checklist

Anaphylaxis guidelines  

ASCIA anapylaxis prevention schools

ASCIA Guidelines for prevention of anaphylaxis in schools, pre-schools and childcare: 2015 update

anaphylaxis training guidelines

Anaphylaxis Training, Guidelines, Procedures for schools and childcare  

Anaphylaxis event record

ASCIA Anaphylaxis event record

Anaphylaxis Event Record  

Dietary avoidance sheets 

ASCIA dietary avoidance

ASCIA Dietary Avoidance for food allergy - information sheets  

Anaphylaxis emergency medication (adrenaline
[epinephrine] autoinjectors) 

adrenaline autoinjectors for general use

Adrenaline autoinjectors: general use

Adrenaline Autoinjectors Frequently Asked Questions

Adrenaline autoinjectors FAQs

guidelines for autoinjectors prescription 2016

Adrenaline autoinjector prescription 

Adrenaline autoinjector storage expiry and disposal 2016

Adrenaline autoinjector storage, expiry, disposal 

First aid for anaphylaxis

ascia afa2013

First Aid for Anaphylaxis

first aid treatment for anaphylaxis  

First Aid Other Languages

Fact sheet for parents

fact sheet for anaphylaxis

Fact Sheet for Parents - Anaphylaxis - in English and Other Languages

This fact sheet is available in English as well as Arabic, Chinese, Dinka (South Sudan), French, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Macedonian, Persian/Dari, Spanish, Tagalog (Philippines), Turkish and Vietnamese.

Online anaphylaxis training 


To register for ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training for schools and childcare go to www.allergy.org.au/patients/anaphylaxis-e-training-schools-and-childcare 



To register for ASCIA anaphylaxis and other e-training courses for health professionals go to www.allergy.org.au/health-professionals/health-professionals-e-training


Health professional information

Food Allergy Information

Food Allergy information for health professionals

Anaphylaxis Clinical Update

Anaphylaxis information for health professionals

anaphylaxis wall chart


To access the Anaphylaxis Management wallchart for health professionals go to www.australianprescriber.com/magazine/34/4/artid/1210  


Information for students 


  • Food Allergy Xplained – new interactive information resource for teenagers
  • How to be allergy aware - information booklet and slide set for school students


Content updated February 2016

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