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Participation in the ASCIA Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) Advanced Training meetings (previously known as Summer Schools) is restricted to advanced trainees or recently qualified clinical immunology/allergy specialists, who have not previously attended these meetings. Delegate numbers are limited and preference is given to ASCIA members. Information from the APID training meeting in May 2019 is on the ASCIA website

It is our intention that ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members participate in at least one of each of the 3 types of meetings during advanced training, or soon after completion of advanced training.

ASCIA Associate (Trainee) members are also encouraged to register and submit abstracts for ASCIA Annual Conferences, to further their knowledge in all areas of clinical immunology and allergy. For more information go to

ASCIA Advanced Training Meetings 2007-2019

Prior to 2007 it had been almost a decade since the last ASCIA Advanced Training Meeting had been held. We are therefore grateful to Dr Joanne Smart and Dr Karl Bleasel for instigating the ASCIA PID Summer Schools and to Professor Dominic Mallon for instigating the most recent ASCIA Advanced Training meetings.

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