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Medical Associates

ASCIA Medical Associate members are medical practitioners (registered in Australia or New Zealand) who work in the area of allergy, but are not clinical immunology/allergy specialists. They include general practitioners, paediatricians, respiratory specialists,  anaesthetists and ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists.

The ASCIA 2022 Conference Medical Associates Day will be held on Friday 2 September.

Dr Kathryn Heyworth is the Chair of the Medical Associates committee and is represented on ASCIA Council. Dr Nick Cooling is Honorary Secretary of the committee and the chairs of ASCIA Medical Associate interest groups are as follows:

ASCIA Medical Associate members are listed in the ASCIA membership directory on the members section of the ASCIA website (Members only access - login to view). 

To review services and benefits of ASCIA Associate Medical membership go to

Opportunities for upskilling GPs and paediatricians in allergy include:

*These courses are not advanced training in allergy/immunology, which is administered by the RACP and RCPA, in consultation with ASCIA. 

ASCIA GP training days were held in September 2017 and 2018 in Auckland and Canberra, on the Saturday after the ASCIA Annual Conference.

Depending on demand and resources, we will consider hosting an ASCIA GP training day in September 2023 in Sydney, on the Saturday after the ASCIA 2023 Conference.

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