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Novalac Allergy infant formula supply update

14 June 2019

Bayer Australia Ltd (Bayer) is advising healthcare professionals and consumers that limited stock of Novalac Allergy rice protein based formula will be available and released to pharmacies in Australia during June, July and August. Intermittent supply and limited availability in pharmacies across Australia will continue until supply returns to normal levels.

Parents and carers with concerns about formula for their infant should speak to their healthcare professional about alternatives. All other Bayer Novalac products are not suitable for infants diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy. GPs, allergy specialists and paediatricians can contact the Bayer Medical Information Team on behalf of patients to discuss compassionate / critical medical cases on 1800 008 757 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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Formula options for infants diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy 

Cow’s milk based extensively hydrolysed formula (EHF)

Soy protein formula

Amino acid based formula (AAF)

AAF is usually prescribed if a baby reacts to EHF and is necessary in around one in ten babies with cow's milk allergy. It is usually prescribed when an EHF or soy protein formula is not tolerated. AAF is tolerated by most babies with cow's milk and soy allergies.

Rice protein based formula 

This formula is available without prescription. It may be used as an alternative formula to extensively hydrolysed formula (EHF) or soy protein formula and continued or changed based on specialist advice. It should not be used in babies with food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) to rice.

Partially hydrolysed formula (commonly labelled ‘HA’) is not a suitable formula for babies with cow’s milk allergy as enough allergenic protein is usually present to trigger an allergic reaction.

Other milk options for children over one year of age who are diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy include soy milk, calcium enriched rice, oat or nut milks

Cow’s milk derived formula/milk, lactose free formula/milk, goat’s milk formula/milk, sheep's milk formula/milk, camel’s milk, HA formula and A2 formula/milk are NOT suitable for people with cow’s milk allergy, and may cause severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis).

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