Information updates

New and updated ASCIA information on subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) therapy and primary immunodeficiency (PID)

August 3, 2017: 

New and updated information on SCIg therapy and PID has been developed by ASCIA in 2017, as part of a comprehensive project. 

The aim of the following information is to assist patients with PID and their carers, and support health professionals who care for patients with PID:

Immunoglobulins (commonly known as antibodies) are used to treat adults and children with primary immune deficiencies (and other medical conditions), who are unable to make enough of their own antibodies, or who have antibodies that don’t work properly.  Replacing these antibodies helps to protect against infection and can prevent long term damage from ongoing infections, such as chronic lung disease.

Immunoglobulin replacement therapy may be given as:

Whilst there are multiple brands that may change over time and rates of administration vary for different products, both IVIg and SCIg:

Content updatd 3 August 2017