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ASCIA Award and Grant Recipients

ASCIA Distinguished Service Awards

  ASCIA President
Prof Tony Basten AO 1991-1992
A/Prof Dan Czarny 1993-1994
Prof Connie Katelaris 1995-1996
A/Prof Robert Heddle 1997-1998
A/Prof Ron Walls AM  1999-2000
Dr Roger Garsia 2001-2002
Dr David Gillis 2003-2004
Dr Karl Baumgart 2005-2006
Prof Dominic Mallon 2007-2008 
Dr Raymond Mullins  2009-2010 
Prof Jo Douglass 2011-2012
A/Prof Richard Loh 2012-2014


ASCIA Annual Conference Awards 2006-2014

 Award: Supported by: Recipient:
Clinical Grand Rounds 1st Prize Stallergenes Dr Monique Lee
Clinical Grand Rounds 2nd Prize Stallergenes Dr Jovanka King
Allergy and Immunology Update 1st prize Stallergenes Dr Fiona Moghaddas (P59)
Allergy and Immunology Update 2nd prize Stallergenes Dr Kuang-Chih Hsiao (P34)
Paul Clarke Poster Award ASCIA Dr Claudine Bonder (P8)
Primary Immunodeficiency Award CSL Behring Dr Annaliesse Blincoe (P78)
Rare Diseases Poster Award Shire Grace Davies (P23)
Allergy Poster Award Meda Sandra Salter (P70)
Allergy Poster Award Meda Dr Ulus Atasoy (P5)
Allergy Poster Award Takeda Dr Wen Tee (P79)
Allergy Poster Award Takeda Dr Alma Fulurija (P30)
Asthma Poster Award National Asthma Council (NAC) Melisa Lau (P5)
Food Allergy Poster Award Nestle Sandip Kamath (P35)
Immunopathology Poster Award ASCIA Dr Christine Bundell (P12)
Immunopathology Poster Award ASCIA Jeremy Chou (P19)
ASCIA 2014 Chair   Prof Jo Douglass
Clinical Grand Rounds 1st prize Stallergenes Dr Katie Frith 
Clinical Grand Rounds 2nd prize Stallergenes Dr Jovanka King 
Allergy and Immunology Update 1st prize Stallergenes Sandra Salter 
Allergy and Immunology Update 2nd prize Stallergenes  A/Prof Suran Fernando 
Primary Immunodeficiency Award  CSL Behring Dr Peter Hsu 
Paul Clarke Poster Award  ASCIA  Dr Fiona Moghaddas 
Asthma Poster Award  National Asthma Council (NAC) Dr Euan Tovey 
Food Allergy Poster Award  Nestle Sandip Kamath 
Immunopathology Poster Award  Abacus ALS Nayyar Ahmed 
ASCIA 2013 Chair   Dr Richard Nolan 
Clinical Grand Rounds award ASCIA Dr Peter Hsu (CGR 5) 
Clinical Grand Rounds award ASCIA  Dr Paul Russo (CGR 12) 
Paul Clarke poster award  ASCIA Dr Andrew Whyte (P44) 
National Asthma Council (NAC) award  NAC A/Prof Efren Rael (P33) 
Baxter poster award  Baxter Dr Paul Russo (P34) 
Baxter poster award  Baxter Ms Louise Weinholt (P48) 
PID poster presentation award  CSL Prof Connie Katelaris (P26) 
PID poster award CSL Dr Georg Dewald (P20) 
MSD poster award  MSD Dr Andrew Baker (P5)
MSD poster award MSD Dr Jack Bourke (P7)
Nestle Nutrition Institute poster award  Nestle Dr Paul Gray (P23) 
Nestle Nutrition Institute poster award  Nestle Dr John Tan, Prof Dianne Campbell, Dr Melanie Wong (P14) 
Immunopathology poster award ASCIA Dr Christine Bundell (P10) 
Immunopathology poster award  ASCIA Dr Nayyer Ahmed (P2) 
Allergy and Immunology Update poster award  ASCIA Dr Paul Gray (P23)
ASCIA 2012 Chair    Dr Miriam Hurst
Clinical Grand Rounds award   ASCIA  Dr Mahila Namasivayam (CGR 6) 
Paul Clarke poster award   ASCIA  Dr Paul Turner (P13) 
National Asthma Council (NAC) award   NAC   Bianca Angelica (P2) 
CSL PID presentation award   CSL Dr John Tan (CGR 8)
CSL PID poster award  CSL  Dr James Wood (P75)
Nestle Nutrition Institute poster award Nestle  Dr Lara Ford (P21) 
Nestle Nutrition Institute poster award  Nestle  Dr Michael O'Sullivan (P49) 
Abacus-ALS poster Award  Abacus-ALS  Dr Alisa Kane (P34) 
Abacus-ALS poster Award  Abacus-ALS  Dr Rory Hannah (P27) 
ASCIA 2011 Chair    Prof Connie  Katelaris
Clinical Grand Rounds award  ASCIA  Dr Alexander Headley 
Paul Clarke Poster Award  ASCIA  Prof Ann Kupa 
National Asthma Council (NAC) award  NAC Bronwyn Brew 
CSL PID Presentation award  CSL  Dr John Tan 
CSL PID Poster award CSL  Dr Sara Barnes 
Nestle Nutrition poster award  Nestle  A/Prof Dianne Campbell 
Nestle Nutrition poster award Nestle  Dr Paul Turner 
Abacus-ALS autoimmunity award  Abacus-ALS  Dr Russell Barker 
Abacus-ALS autoimmunity award   Abacus-ALS  Dr Catherine Toong 
Abacus-ALS autoimmunity award  Abacus-ALS  Dr Ben McGettigan 
Stallergenes poster award  Stallergenes  Dr Tahir Chaudry 
Stallergenes poster award   Stallergenes  Dr Janet Davies 
Stallergenes poster award   Stallergenes  Richard Fulton 
Stallergenes poster award  Stallergenes  Dr Intan Ismail 
Stallergenes poster award  Stallergenes  Dr Adrian Lowe 
ASCIA 2010 Chair    Dr David Gillis 
Clinical Grand Rounds award  ASCIA Dr Alisa Kane 
Paul Clarke poster award ASCIA  Dr Katherine Nicholls
National Asthma Council (NAC) award NAC Dr Peter Vuillermin
Poster award - allergic disease ASCIA  Dr Shelley Stone  
Poster award - allergic disease ASCIA  Dr Brynn Wainstein 
CSL PID poster award CSL  Dr Jeremy McComish
CSL PID oral presentation award CSL  Dr Gary Chew
ASCIA 2009 Chair    Dr Patrick Quinn
Clinical Grand Rounds awards  ASCIA  Dr Sam Mehr, Dr Marnie Robinson 
Paul Clarke poster award  ASCIA  Prof Simon Brown  
National Asthma Council (NAC) award NAC   Ms Kate Campbell 
Poster award - allergic disease ASCIA   Dr Amanda Lewkowski
Poster award - allergic disease  ASCIA Mr Senay Yohannes 
Poster award - allergic disease  ASCIA  Dr Peter Schmidt-Grendel 
Poster award - immune disease ASCIA  Dr Meilyn Hew 
CSL PID Register awards CSL  Dr Theo de Malmanche, Dr Kathryn Patchett 
ASCIA 2008 Chair   Dr Joanne Smart 
Clinical Grand Rounds award  ASCIA  Dr Priscilla Auyeung
Paul Clarke poster award   ASCIA  Dr Brynn Wainstein 
Poster award - allergic disease  ASCIA  Dr Janet Davies 
Young Investigator award ASCIA  Dr Andrew McLean-Tooke
National Asthma Council (NAC) award NAC  Dr Peter Vuillermin 
CSL PID Register award CSL  Ms Philippa Kirkpatrick
CSL PID award CSL  Dr Lucinda Berglund
ASCIA 2007 Chair   Dr Tiffany Hughes
Clinical Grand Rounds award  ASCIA  Dr Sam Mehr 
Paul Clarke poster award    ASCIA  Dr Sam Mehr 
Poster award - allergic disease ASCIA  Ms Kirsten Deckert 
CSL PID Register award CSL  Ms Lyn Bielby
ASCIA 2006 Chair   Dr Karl Baumgart


ASCIA Media Awards 2005-2007


Lisa Orfford - Double Trouble for Airways: Rhinitis Link to Asthma - Australian Journal of Pharmacy - Sept 2007

Liisa Christopher - Hard to Swallow - Sydney Morning Herald - February 2007


Selina Mitchell - Allergy guidelines rewritten - The Weekend Australian - October 8-9 2005

Adam Cresswell - Wheezes and sneezes no minor matter - The Weekend Australian - October 15-16 2005


Ann Buchner (producer) and Helen Dalley (presenter) - Sunday program, Nine Network Australia - 'When food can be fatal - parts 1 and 2'

Runner up - Jill Margo, Columnist, The Australian Financial Review - 'Self-medication is on the nose for suffering snifflers'.

Runner up - Joshua Gliddon, Science & Health Editor, The Bulletin Magazine - "Brittle People"

ASCIA Medical Student Grants 2004 - 2007

Gene Huang (Melb Uni) Impact of malaria on immunosuppression and HIV transmission.
Daniel Raper (Syd Uni)  Mechanism of action of IVIg in autoimmune inflammatory neuropathy. 
Emily See (Melb Uni)  Tumour Immunology  
Zhenya Welyczho et al        (Qld Uni)  Ability of pre-school staff in the use of adrenaline autoinjectors. 
Catherine Asquith (Syd Uni) HIV/AIDS in Argentina, University of Buenos Aires
Marc-James Friso (Melb Uni) Impact of HIV on humoral immunity to malaria
Adam Honeybrook (NSW Uni) STACCATO trial - effect on lipid levels
Peter Manders (Syd Uni) IFNalpha stimulated STAT4 phosphorylation in MS
Shannon McCarthy (Tas Uni) Anaphylaxis in Victorian primary school children
Michelle Paull (Melb Uni) HIV/AIDS in Botswana
Sukoy Roychowdhury  (Tas Uni) Ho:YAG laser treatment of hyperplastic inferior nasal turbinates in severe AR
Philip Tong (UWA) The immunotherapeutic options for psoriasis
Matthew Broadhead, Julie Paik (NSW Uni)  A HIV research study examining cotrimoxazole Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia prophylaxis stopping rules.
Haroon Cheema (NSW Uni)  Characterisation of the inflammatory response in Scleroderma. 
Robert Granger (Tas Uni)  Investigation of vernal keratoconjunctivitis in Lesotho, Africa. 
Rashi Kalra (Syd Uni)  Genotyping mutations in the TACI gene in patients with CVID or IgA deficiency. 
Jacqueline Lopez-Dee (ANU) 

A review of food allergy websites and comparison with published literature.

Bala Varatharaju (UniAdel)  South Australian Anaphylaxis Study  
Andrew Yam (Syd Uni) Role of behavioural inhibitor of apoptosis repeat containing protein 2 in the inflammatory and anti-apoptotic response of insulin producing cells. 
Linda Zahra (NSW Uni)  Elective term in the Immunodermatology service at St Vincent's (Melb).  
Hsien Chan (UWA)  Clinical Immunology and dermatology, and specifically to T cell immunology  
Harriett Gee (Melb Uni)  Tumour Immunology  
Julia Ho (Melb Uni)   HLA-G polymorphisms  
Sumitha Bhaskaran     (Melb Uni)  Gut microflora and its association with atopy in children.  

ASCIA Member Grants 2004 - 2009

ASCIA / Schering Plough respiratory allergy grants  
Allergy to subtropical grass pollens in Australia;
IgE cross-reactivity between subtropical and temperate grass pollens
Dr Janet Davies and Prof John Upham 

School of Medicine, PAH, University of Queensland

Replication study of genetic predisposition of KIR2DL4 alleles to asthma
A/Prof Campbell Witt(1), Prof Patrick Holt(2), Prof Frank Christiansen(1)
1 Dept Clinical Immunology and Immunogenetics, PathWest, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
2 Institute of Child Health Research, WA 

ASCIA / GSK respiratory allergy grants 

Australian Pollen Immunotherapy study  
Dr Tiffany Hughes
Princess Margaret Hospital, WA
Purchase of a TSI 8220 Particle Counter to measure exposure to allergens during sleep 
Dr Euan Tovey and Dr Janet Rimmer  
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, NSW 


In 2007 ASCIA provided grants worth a total of $110,000 (AUD) including $50,000 (AUD) provided by CSL BIOTHERAPIES for anaphylaxis related projects. 
Effects of statins on the migration and apoptosis of dendritic cells 
Prof Philip Thompson et al, WA 
The impact of cofactor and effector cell function in CVID 
Dr Rob Stirling et al, VIC
Evaluation of patient antibody responses to beta2microglobulin in relation to lupus anticoagulant and anti-cardiolipin results 
Dr Christine Bundell et al, WA 


Establishment of a national food allergy database 
A/Prof Rohan Ameratunga et al, NZ
A study of the use of Intravenous promethazine for anaphylaxis 
Prof Simon Brown et al, WA
Identification of patients with 18Q21.3 deletions and anaphylaxis 
A/Prof Pete Smith, QLD 


ASCIA - Antibody Deficiency Allele (ADA) Pilot Study

Dr Matthew Cook et al, ACT 

ASCIA PID Register (3rd year of 3 year seed funding)

Dr Sean Riminton, Philippa Kirkpatrick, NSW 

Evaluation of the risk of anaphylaxis in currently and

previously peanut allergic children advised to avoid

peanut vs those advised to regularly consume peanut

Dr Brynn Wainstein, A/Prof John Ziegler, NSW

Fatal anaphylaxis in New Zealand:

case finding for the decade 1995-2004 (seed funding)

Dr Marianne Empson, Dr Penny Fitzharris, Dr Jan Sinclair, NZ 

Identification of novel gene defects in Common Variable

Immune Deficiency (CVID): a multi-centre study

A/Prof Rohan Ameratunga et al, NZ


ASCIA PID Register (2nd year of seed funding)

Dr Sean Riminton, Philippa Kirkpatrick, NSW 

Establishing a diagnostic framework for anaphylaxis to native Australian ant venoms (continuation)  
Prof Simon Brown, WA 
Application to ASCIA to fund the purchase, establishment and validation of a novel device (Rhinolux) to non-invasively measure nasal congestion  
Prof Connie Katelaris & Dr Janet Rimmer, NSW  
A qualitative study of the needs of individuals with primary immunodeficiency disorders in transition from paediatric to adult care. 
A/Prof Jo Douglass et al, VIC
Establishment of an ASCIA Anaphylaxis Registry (seed funding)
Dr Rob Loblay, NSW and Dr Mike Gold, SA


ASCIA PID Register (seed funding) 
Dr Sean Riminton, NSW
Establishing a diagnostic framework for anaphylaxis to native Australian ant venoms 
Prof Simon Brown, WA 

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